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Toroidal Core

toroidal_core core
We make toroidal cores by using nickel permalloy for Current Transformers, Coverters and Inverters.
The toroidal cores is for making Current Transformers, Converters, Inverters and Digital watt meter.
Vision Technologies sets a goal of producing the best quality cores based on customized size and raw materials.
We have ourselves technology of Inlac(Methyl Methoxid) Coating.
When wound into a toroid, this Inlac coating physically separates the laminations and reduces the possibility of interlamination welding. It also helps prevent shot spots and wicking in the core, to ensure the material is consistently annealed.
tordinal core

Toroidal Core Size

Outside Diameter(mm) Width(mm) Use
300-1,080 5-40 High and Medium Voltage Transformer
13-90 3.5-10 Low and Medium Voltage Transformer

NiFe Alloy steel Strip materials

Materials Thickness(mm)
NiFe Alloys with 72-83% Ni 0.1
NiFe Alloys with 45-50% Ni 0.2


- Interference Suppression
- Hall effect Transducers
- Audio and High Frequency Transformers
- Magnetic Amplifiers
- Saturable Reactors
- Pulse Transformers

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